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Originally Posted by reefisher
Our last Carnival cruise (Spirit 2/07) was before the "new" one bottle of wine/person policy. I packed a 3 liter box of drinkable Australian wine and 3 750ml bottles of selected wines in my checked luggage, and 2 bottles in my carry on bags. My wife packed 2 bottles in her checked bags and 2 in the carry on, one of which was actually vodka she colored to look like white wine in a screw cap wine bottle. We don't always care for the ship's cellar and prefer to bring our own. I don't mind paying the $15 dollar corkage fee. The Spirit had no sommelier, so we just tipped our waiter and were not charged the corkage fee. We also ordered from the ships cellar so the cocktail waiters got their "tips" too.
I know everyone is going to flame me, but if you find yourself throwing out your back carrying on booze to a cruise ship, you might have a drinking problem>


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