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Default Re: upper berths - children

Thanks for the additional input. I think I'll make a trip to Toys R' Us and see if they have a portable folding rail system that might work. I know someone makes this product. but since we'll be starting our precruise travel this Friday I'd better get with the program and come up with a solution. I am not too worried about my 4 year old son, as he stays put once he falls asleep and he sleeps in a loft bed and has never fallen out. But my 2 year old daughter is a different story. Since we moved her to a regular bed (which is very close to the ground) I often find her on the floor or with head, legs or arms hanging over the egde, half off the bed on a regular basis. So I will come up with some sort of plan. Sometimes it pays off to be a neurotic and paranoid mom. I'd rather worry a little now than have to deal with an injury that could have been avoided while on vacation.

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