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Default Re: accounting and other business-related jobs?

Originally Posted by glennresch
i was wondering if anyone here can help a brother out. i am looking to score an business-related gig on a cruise ship. i know carnival employs shipboard accountants but do any other companies? anyone have an idea how much carnival pays their shipboard accountants? i have a couple business degrees but want to do some cruise work for a year. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I would think most accounting-related positions would be based in the home office, and not on the ship itself.

However, I would also imagine that the purser's department would need some onboard help. While the job does involve accounting functions, it is also a customer service-related position. People are based at the purser's desk around the clock, and passengers can go there at any time of day to resolve a multitude of problems. Some of those problems will be related to inconsistencies in their onboard statements, but others will involve other matters, such as cabin toilets that don't flush, noisy neighbors, etc.

If you have a good customer service background, I wouldn't imagine that obtaining one of these positions would be too difficult. I would also imagine that you are paid by check, on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis ... most likely in U.S. dollars.

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