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Originally Posted by IBCRUZIN'
I suggest you call VTG Single Cruise dept. I am booked on one of their singles cruise (Carnival Glory 09/29/07). I am 48, very youthful at heart but with the common sense that grows with age. I was told that the average age for this cruise was 47. I don't know if VTG would forbid you and your son from booking this cruise b/c he is a minor but something like this will be more your style. I think we will be youthful enough to have fun and party late but mature enough not to need to "chuck in the bushes" and God knows my wet t-shirt days are over and I now realize that I don't have to wet my t-shirt to get the attention I want.

I assume and would suggest you look at Carnival. They will have a better age mix with more teens for your son to socialize with.

Good luck and happy cruzin'
Hey IB,
Thanks for taking time to respond to my query.

You sound like a pretty cool-dude to hang with on one of these adventures. I didn't mean to suggest or imply single-parents or single-parents cruising with their kids are all 50-something PWP empty-nesters. Since taking custody of my young squire, I haven't focused much time or attention to rescuing local damsels-in-distress. Subsequently, I'm still a pathetic bachelor and wet t-'s (I'm guessing) would still catch my eye and attention.

Though I have checked-out VTG's Singles Cruises area, I'll check it again, more thoroughly. I'll also contact VTG directly to see what they can recommend.

Thanks again for taking time to write. I hope you have a fantastic summer and an excellent September cruise.


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