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Hi Jeff, I noticed that VTG has three cruises coming up this summer.
I had told you to cruise on the Carnival Valor in August but that is not a good time since your son will be going back to school. So delete the August cruise.
VTG has June 17th, July8th, and July 21st for singles groups cruising.

My advise is that your son is more important and I think that Alaska would be fun for him and a cousin to see Alaska. You can get them walkie-talkies so they stay in touch with eachother on the ship.
Don't book with the singles group.... just book regular with a VTG agent
on the date the group is going to Alaska or the Carribean. You will be running into the Singles group on the ship anyway. When the kids are in the Kids Fun Club you can be hanging with the other singles on deck.
It is best to eat dinner with the kids so you have quality time with your son and his cousin. You will notice that they will want to run off to be with their new club friends or they may want to hang out with you on the first few days. That has been my experience with my two teen grand-children when I took them to Alaska a few years ago. I will always have that memory of how much fun we had together. That is my advise.
Since you have the money.... get a cabin with a window instead of a balcony. Balconies are dangerous because kids like to sit on the rails and make believe they are the king of the world like on the Titanic.
So let me know what you decide.

My advise is to just jump in and go for it and book a cruise. Angelgal
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