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My husband and I have been on several cruises and this is what we did. We both love wine but the wine list on the ships we sailed on were way too expense for the kind of wine it was. We have a insulated cellar on wheels. The original use I think is to transport picnic goods easier. It does not look like an ice chest, more like a curved carryon bag. It holds six bottles of wine or whatever your drink of choice is. We use the dividers that you would find in a case of wine and put bubble pack on the outside. We roll it right on to the ship, it's gone through the xray machine and it's never been confiscated. (We do this when we first come on board, not an any of the ports) Keep in mind that since they changed the laws on what can be in the carryons, we purchase the wine after the plane lands. We're going to Rome in September and will ship the wine over to the Hotel we are staying at so prior to boarding the ship, we will load up our carryon. If you google "cellar on wheels" it will come up with a number of different styles and prices.
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