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Allison Prendergast
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Default Re: Re: Will I be able to see the game?

We thought the same thing. .....but the Sensation had a problem Jan. 9th for the Green Bay - Minnesota playoff game. There was a problem with the satellite feed and so there was NO game. A lot of Green Bay fans went to the purser's desk complaining big time! They finally got a satellite feed late in the 4th quarter with about 5 minutes left. It wasn't a network feed though, it was raw satellite so we didn't have commercials. There were no analyzing talking heads after the game and we watched an empty stadium for about 5 minutes until the coaches were ready for interviews.

The first game was fine.

They planned on showing the game because it was listed on the Capers that you could view the playoffs in the sports bars.

So, I would say that YES they plan on showing big games during the cruise.....(They sell more alcohol that way!!!) But there are unforseen problems that could prevent it!
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