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Originally Posted by You
MY experience is that Celebrity does not enforce the dress code at dinner (except in the paid restaurants). And I have spoken to the management AND staff in the dining room, simply to ask if the dress code was a requirement. I had always assumed that the dress code was a requirement. How can there be a code or a requirement if restrictions are not in place? That would make it a "suggested dress" or an "optional dress"...I have never seen enforcement on Celebrity.

The concept behind a forum is for everyone to share their own experience, and for each person to make their own decision. My opinion and statement is not a disservice. It is my experience and my opinion-just as yours is.
I have to agree with "daysatsea" regarding the disservice issue for a couple reasons.

>> 1. Aboard Celebrity's ships, "Celebrity Today" now states that "the prescribed evening dress is required throughout the ship after 6:00 PM except in designated casual areas" (boldface in original). Thus, there's no ambiguity in the published policy.

>> 2. The norms of social etiquette dictate that the "suggested" or "requested" attire for a social event is mandatory, and compliance is expected. Thus, enforcement of the evening dress code simply does not enter into the question. Also, in this context, advising people that it's okay NOT to follow the established norms of social etiquette on these boards would reflect extremely negatively on the CruiseMates site.

>> 3. On nearly all Celebrity cruises, over 99% of the passengers do comply with the evening dress codes. Anybody reading your post and deciding not to dress according to the dress code who has any sort of social concience would feel grossly out of place. To put somebody who asks the question in that position does a gross disservice to the person who asks the question.

>> 4. As others have noted (and I also have seen staff turn passengers who did not conform to the dress code away from both the dining room and the theater), some of Celebrity's staff DO enforce the dress code on some Celebrity cruises. Again, it does a gross disservice to those who are legitimately looking for information to give advice that may put them in the position of being turned away.

BTW, I have seen reports that #3 and #4 are not true of the four night and five night cruises to the Caribbean aboard MV Century. I think that Celebrity would be well advised to discontinue these itineraries and refocus on the segment of the population that the line has traditionally served in order to preserve the clarity of its branding. And in this context, the announcement that the line's new "all casual" product will be known as "Azamara Cruises" rather than "Celebrity Expeditions" (which means that the ships acquired from Pullmantur Cruises will become MV Azamara Journey and MV Azamara Quest rather than MV Celebrity Journey and MV Celebrity Quest, respectively) is also a good marketing move.

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