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Default Re: Prices

Parrot Mom,

Originally Posted by You
In March we checked prices from January and have found that the price for our cabin on the Galaxy has more than doubled.. Does that mean just before our last payment it may drop.. or the fact that we booked early and prices have gone up mean anything
The fact that prices have gone up means two things.

>> 1. Your cruise is very popular, with bookings running ahead of the programmed schedule. Thus, the line raised prices to maximize revenues from the sale of the remaining cabins.

>> 2. You saved money by booking early because the line will honor the terms of your booking. Be sure to do likewise by making your final payment on time in order to preserve your deal.

What will happen between now and your sailing date is anybody's guess. If the hikes are not aggressive enough, fares could go even higher. If they are too aggressive, fares could drop.

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