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Default What I bring

I take 3 different types of bags with me on my cruises.

1. I have a large mesh "Macys" tote/shopping bag that I purchased a few years ago for $7.99. It has been one of my best spontaneous purchases to date. It is huge with both shoulder straps and handles. It can hold some of everything and you just sling it over your shoulders and your hands are free. It is made of canvas mesh so sand, dirt, water, etc. will not be a problem. It can easily hold a towel and all of my larger necessities for a day at port. It is also handy when shopping. Everything fits in this totebag.

2. My second bag is a small nylon (perhaps 6" x 8") shoulder bag. It is used to hold my personal items like camera, money, sail & sign, credit card, sunglasses, tissues, lip gloss, etc. I purchased this from the $.99 store

3. For walking around the ship, I have a small nylon "camera bag" with a shoulder strap. I purchased it from the $.99 store a year or so ago and it is perfect for moving around the ship. It is just big enough for a disposable camera with side pockets for a lipstick and a pack of gum. There is a front sleeve perfect for holding the sail & sign card.

I do not take my passport with me when I leave the ship at the island ports. It is too valuable to take a change on losing or damaging it. I am not sure but I believe your sail & sign card will help you negotiate during times of emergency or if you miss the ship. The sail & sign indicates that your paperwork is in order and you are just having an emergency.

When I am in the water at the beach, I tend to put my smaller bag in my Macy's tote and cover the tote with my towel. I don't tend to stray too far and if I do, I only have minimal items. To be honest the Macys tote is more valuable than anything else I have with me.
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