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Thank you all for your replies and advices. I've been quiet for a while because I was doing some research for the full transit cruise.

I came to know of a steal - 14N Full Transit on 7 Dec 2007 from Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles on board Celebrity Summit in a balcony cabin at $1,999. Most full transit cruises of similar itineraries (and in balcony cabins) go for more than $2,500.

But also because it seems to be pretty good value, I wonder what's the catch. Call me paranoid, but I believe there's no free lunch in this world. I think cruise lines would price their cruises according to what they expect demand to be. So is it because it's not a good time to travel (in Panama, Florida or LA) in Dec?

The last I checked the Celebrity website, balcony cabins are still available. So I guess after my post, it will be snapped up pretty soon, and people like me who procrastinate won't be able to get the deal. But I guess it's my way of contributing to the cruising community for the vast amount of information I get from this (and other) forum.

I would like to get views on this specific itinerary.
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