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Great Job!!!!!

I enjoy reading your cruise reports and I'm not just kissing your moose rear.

I am also becoming a convert to Freestyle cruising. You made two quotes that I have concur with:

Originally Posted by Kuki
I had my lunch pool-side, and then strolled through the Garden Café, to the aft outdoor seating area (my favorite place on the ship), and I immediately made a mental note to myself; there were people everywhere, but there were waiting lines nowhere. These food areas are set up so well that traffic of the masses just seemed so easily absorbed by the space; better than any other ship I’ve sailed on.
I totally agree: NCL does the best at managing traffic flow. The only exception was in main dining room on the Norwegian Star. The people who wanted to be the first to be there when it opened backed up into the pub area.

Originally Posted by Kuki
if you add about $100 per person to the cost of your cruise fare right off the top - knowing you’re going to want to try some of the surcharge restaurants - you’re still getting great value, and normally even if with the extras, a good dining experience.
This is the same advice I give everyone sailing on NCL. It is the best way to get the maximum enjoyment out of the cruise. If you do this you will have a cruise experience that will rival the cruising on a luxury line at mass market prices.

I hope you enjoy your Testicularion excursion. I'm looking forward to more reports.

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