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Originally Posted by Irish Shark
Originally Posted by Lou 123
I am still glad I got my passport....
We never travel without it. Good as gold for ID purposes.

Next on the horizon is the National Drivers License. Heck, the Government should just make every US citizen get a passport and be done with it.
I will keep my passport too.

It really is funny when it comes to what they take as an ID. I went to get a ID card afew years back right after 911 so I could get on a flight (local county cop had my DL for "speeding in his territory <> ) Now since I did not have my DL as an ID I had to go and get a copy of my Birth certificate, and still had to have one other form of ID. They wouldn't take my FAA issued Pilots license (How screwy is that?) but they would take a current utility bill with my name on it?!?!?!?!?!

If I had a passport at the time they woul have taken that by itself. So yes I think you are right on about every citizen having a passport.

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