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Originally Posted by You
I don't think Celebrity will discontinue these shorter cruises too soon based on what I have observed on a two day Celebrity cruise. First of all, shorter cruises bring in new people who have not cruised Celebrity before and secondly, I think people on short cruises tend to spend more aboard the ship. I know that on our two day, one of the bars had to stop admitting people because it was filled to capacity and all the lounges had people 3 and 4 deep at the bar. It seems like on short cruises, there are more party people than on a longer Celebrity cruise which of course generates more revenue. The downside is that those of us who normally cruise for 14 days and consider 7 days a short cruise are being left behind to find other lines.
Unfortunately, shorter cruises on all lines have notoriously drawn a rowdier crowd that inflicts a lot more wear and tear on a vessel and its decor. In the case of a "premium" line like Celebrity, this will translate into more frequent overhauls of passenger spaces to maintain them to the standards that the line's passengers rightfully expect. Also, if the rowdier passengers start taking longer cruises, it is likely that their hard partying style will drive away many of the line's loyal repeat passengers.

Also, speaking strictly from a business perspective, dilution of a brand's identity is never a good thing. Celebrity has a reputation for a certain quality and style of product that appeals to a significant segment of the population. If the line dilutes that, much of that segment of the population will go elsewhere.

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