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Originally Posted by You
Well, not to split hairs, but on my last cruise, 99% of the passengers (specifically men) did NOT follow the "required" dress code.
On the short cruises (four or five nights) to the Caribbean aboard MV Century, my sources indicate that noncompliance with the published dress codes is generally quite high (probably around fifty percent) and that the staff have given up trying to enforce it. Nonetheless, the suggestion that only one man in one hundred complied with the dress code is beyond the bounds of absurd, even for those cruises. I mean, that does not even pass what my former boss fondly calls the "snicker test" (as in "so incredulous that the audience would snicker if you were to say it during a presentation").

Originally Posted by You
Enough of the pissing contest.
You are engaging in a "pissing contest"???

I don't have time for those. I'm just trying to make sure that the original poster is getting accurate information.

Originally Posted by You
I understand your opinion and respectfully will agree to disagree with you-let's not police each others threads any longer.
No, we need to point out errors and bad advice. If we fail to do so, people who rely on these boards for accurate information won't get the information that they need -- and that would be a gross disservice to those who ask questions. I'm sorry if that fact ruffles your feathers.

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