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Originally Posted by You
Thank you all for your replies and advices. I've been quiet for a while because I was doing some research for the full transit cruise.

I came to know of a steal - 14N Full Transit on 7 Dec 2007 from Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles on board Celebrity Summit in a balcony cabin at $1,999. Most full transit cruises of similar itineraries (and in balcony cabins) go for more than $2,500.

But also because it seems to be pretty good value, I wonder what's the catch. Call me paranoid, but I believe there's no free lunch in this world. I think cruise lines would price their cruises according to what they expect demand to be. So is it because it's not a good time to travel (in Panama, Florida or LA) in Dec?

The last I checked the Celebrity website, balcony cabins are still available. So I guess after my post, it will be snapped up pretty soon, and people like me who procrastinate won't be able to get the deal. But I guess it's my way of contributing to the cruising community for the vast amount of information I get from this (and other) forum.

I would like to get views on this specific itinerary.
The only "catch" is that the dates put it at a time of year when many people are not available to go on cruises and many others choose not to go on cruises because they anticipate being very busy with preparations for the upcoming holidays. As a result, nearly all itineraries in the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to be less expensive than at other times of year. Basically, the cruise lines lower their prices in order to attract passengers to those cruises.

BTW, a ship that's not crowded often translates into better service....

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