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Default Re: Meditterean Cruise- Summer/Fall 08, What cruise line?


Originally Posted by grosnl19
My finance and I want to take a cruise in the Summer or Fall of 2008. We would like a cruise that departs from Rome so we can spend a few extra days sight seeing there. We are 30 years old and don't want a cruise filled with kids or senior citizens. We are looking to visit Italy, Spain and Croatia...anyother places would be a plus. Also we want to visit these locations when it isn't soooo hot. I know Italy can get vary warm in Summer....I was thinking September, but I will leave it to the experts. Thanks for all your advice.
FBOW, all cruise lines are NOT created equal. Rather, each cruise line has its own unique style, special features, etc., that appeal to a certain segment of the population. Some cruise lines have wilder parties, others have classier parties, etc. If your tastes run along the lines of "wine and cheese" rather than "pretzels and beer" or "champagne and caviar," you will have the best experience on a line that serves "wine and cheese" rather than "pretzels and beer" or "champagne and caviar" -- not that there is anything wrong, a priori, with the others, but simply as a matter of personal style and tastes.

The best advice is to stop into a local bookstore, pick up a travel guide to cruise lines and cruise ships, and read the descriptions of the various lines to see how they mesh with your style and your tastes. If you do that, one or two of the major lines probably will stand out as reasonably good matches. When you have it narrowed down in that way, you can look at the itineraries that those lines offer.

As to timing, I strongly recommend going to the Mediterranean in the fall rather than in the summer. The primary activities in Mediterranean ports of call are touring, sightseeing, and shopping, and many of the attractions are not air conditioned. The summer season tends to be very hot and very humid, especially in July, August, and early September, so your time ashore will not be as pleasant as in the fall when cooler and drier weather prevails. Late September, October, and November tend to be ideal for travel to that region.

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