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Default Mexico-a good place to avoid

Yes, may ships visit Mexico and most of the time there are no incidents, but that isn't always the case. Once again, a tourist has been killed, ok, so Mexican police are calling it an accidental fall off a 2nd floor balcony. The man was with his wife, twin brother and four other people in Cancun when he was found severly beaten and near death. The police and so called witnesses are saying his injuries are as a result of a fall. He had obvious bruising and wounds that would indicate otherwise, but as usual, they want to cover it up to avoid any problems. It was only last year when an other Canadian couple were in Cozumel cvelebrating their daughters wedding when they were murdered, execution style--throats slashed--in their hotel rooms. Mexicans very quickly said two women, both Canadian tourists, were the ones who did it. They left the morning of the homocide and were cleared by Canadian police. It seems the Mexicans said it was them because they were on the same floor and left that day. The women didn't even know the couple and left without even knowing a murder had been committed.

This latest case is probably going to be swept under the carpet again, alas, the man, Jeff Toews, was flown back home and declared brain dead today. The medical staff concured with family that he was severly beaten and not a victim of a fall while drunk. How can you explain how he got onto a 2nd floor balcony when his room was on the main floor?

Beware of Mexico, they'll rob you, kill you, and then the police will say it was your own fault!!!!!
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