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Would it be possible to have more description of the cabins?

Are they simelar to DAWN and what would you say are the differences.

On the New Years Eve cruise on DAWN there were about 600 Canadians, mainly from Ontario and Quebec. This is because it leaves from NEW YORK, saving air fare and a ton of hassle. On Spirit, there were also ALOT of Canadians. I remember this past cruise staff said there seeems to be more and more Canadians leaving from New York. The Pier Parking lot is for sure full when we leave. We are booked on GEM, which will be the sister ship to Jewel, so I am curious about the differances and similarities between DAWN and JEWEL.

On all our NCL cruises, none of the staff did the hand shake thing and because of my background and knowing why, I was real glad they didn't. They also used far more hand sanitizer than any other cruise and were very strict about using it before entering dinniong area's, even in the buffet line, they wopuld not hand us the cuttlery till they saw us wash.

I understand there is internet connections in the cabin with ethernet cabel. How is the wireless in the wifi parts of the ship? What is the internet area like on this ship? Have they gone to a smaller internet area ( as compared to Dawn and Spirit) because of the cabin hookups? I also always liked NCL's internet area's - which are actual area's, where you can relax and take your time, as compared to Carnivals hallway conversion internet area

Laundry facillities on board...what are they like?

I was told when I noticed they used our fresh towel to make towel animal that they do this to help save on laundry.

Thank you for your consideration to answer my questions.
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