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I have seen many cruisers drink as much as they can and they get stinking drunk. I wonder why they bother to go cruising and spend lots of money to cruise when they can just stay home and get stinking drunk.

What drinkers like about cruising is they don't have to drink& drive home so they are free to drink all they want.

The major mistake they make is thinking they can just run up to the ship's rail to vomit onto the ocean. People don't realize that they are top heavy and that is why they fall overboard. The rail is high enough that they have to put their bellies over the rail in order to vomit and that is why they fall.

The guy was old enough to drink and he should take his own responsibility on how much to drink..... but if he was an alcoholic then he had no control of his drinking and that is a problem he already had when he boarded the ship.

It was an accident because the guy didn't expect to fall. He was being nice in trying to vomit off the ship's deck. Instead he died trying not to make a mess on the deck. If I was RCL I would pay the $15,000 which is nothing compared to paying top gun lawyers to defend their company.

Maybe it is time for the cruise lines to built higher rails so people don't lean over it or sit on the rails. Plus.... when dangerous winds show up most ships will put yellow tape to close off certain sections of the decks because they are too windy and dangerous. Some people break the rules and still go into the restricted area not understanding they are putting their lives in danger. People are falling overboard or jumping overboard, or being thrown overboard. It's time for a protection rail to be installed to protect people from themselves.
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