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Originally Posted by Skeeter1602
Originally Posted by Mary49
Originally Posted by Skeeter1602
I hear they are still on the Miracle now that it is sailing from NY. Who has seen them lately and what did you think?[/img]
Mark, I just got this e-mail

I don't know if this works because I've tried now twice to e-mail them and heard nothing yet. It might be too expensive for them to use on line. What do you think? Also we should hear from some of them now that they're back. I honestly don't know why nobody seems interested in these guys. Mary49
Yep that is the e-mail Enrique gave me too. I have tried to send them a letter 2 times also.

I figured if I resurrected this thread you would find it!!! .

Did you see the Miracle come in this morning from your office?

Yeah, I did. I tried to take a picture for you but the visibility was bad. Foggy and rainy. I'll try next time and see what happens.

I knew it had to be you with this thread and I laughed.

We'll have to wait and see what the others have to say. I don't know why nobody's mentioned them yet. But in cruise critic; I got the folks worked up for Frankie and Johnnies and also somebody else had seem them about a couple of years ago. In 2004 and they bought their CD. But it must have been a one time only thing. He can't wait to see them again so we'll just have to wait and see. If you go thru cruise critic look up Live from the Miracle and his name is Baseballdad. Somebody going to have to get some info? :o
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