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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
I do agree it should be easy to flag a card "do not serve" for a certain number of hours. It would be easy for the cruise lines to implment (from an IT perspective) and it would yet another way for the cruise lines show the public they do care about people.

However, it is merely a gesture, since people CAN smuggle drinks on board, steal drinks or get others to buy them for them.

If the family is indeed just asking for $15,000, then their strategy appears to be " just give us the money, its cheaper than a trial" however, that probably comes from the fact that cruiselines often settle all kinds of cases.

At some point, the lines are going to get like some other companies and say "no more, you want money then sue us." That is the only way to get rid of the notion that an industry is an "easy target".
They are not just asking for $15K. The "over $15K" allows it to be heard in supreme court rather than small claims court. The plaintiff has not specified an amount they are seeking because they are probably seeking to settle.

The cruiseline may or may not settle. Depends on what the cost analysis shows when comparing settling one case but leaving yourself open to any number of future cases or . . . fight this one tooth and nail despite the cost to maintain the status quo that the cruiseline is not responsible.

These cruise companies may produce warm and fuzzy commercials and act like they are the nicest people in the world . . . but. . . in reality, they are corporate sharks set up to turn a profit and know how to play dirty, stinking, rotten, low ball.

The Disney Corporation, McDonalds, Carnival, American Express, Royal Caribbean, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, all of these companies are known to inspire a sense of warm and cuddly customer service. O.K. Now mess with one and see what you get.
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