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I am a big time cruiser and the cruiselines have been getting some bad publicity in the news lately. I hear people say they don't want to cruise because they are afraid of falling overboard or have someone throw them overboard.
If this case makes the news and the news like the story..... it will start to make big headlines against the cruiselines because some young man fell overboard. People who have never cruised will most likely be on the jury and if I was on the jury I would say it was an accident and the cruiseline should pay for this accident. It is very clear that the young man didn't mean to jump if they have a video of the accident.
If I was the lawyer I would have stated that if the rail had been higher the young man would not have had the experience of falling overboard.

I feel sorry for the parents who lost their son due to an accident on the ship. People go cruising thinking they are going to be safe. People who hear about people falling overboard have becomed frightened of cruising.

I am not afraid of cruising at all. But some people are because the news media makes it look bad for the cruiselines. They always take the side of the cruisers I have noticed. It makes good news.

Once the parents show up on the Oprah show.... people will feel sorry for the parents.
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