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It all depends on whether the cruiseline wants to fight this lawsuit or just write a check and have it go away.

If they want to fight, they will dig into this young man's life and find every instance that he has ever been under the influence or has done something irresponsible.

Most lawsuits like this are not designed to go to court. It is highly unlikely that the parent's attorneys can stand up to what the cruiseline's fleet of high priced, high powered attorneys will throw at them. A properly worded "Request for the Production of Documents" will bankrupt the attorney and the parents. A few "Requests for Interrogatories" will cost the parents thousands and thousands of dollars. Then everyone will have to be deposed. At each deposition the attorneys for the parents must be present. More $$$$.

Then the cruiseline's attorney will ask that their legal fees be paid by the plaintiff if the plaintiff loses. That can very well amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the cruiseline does not settle quickly, the family has to be willing to risk losing everything they have to proceed with this lawsuit. Most people bail.

More than likely the parent's attorney is hoping to shake a few bucks loose from the money tree that is the cruiseline. However, these companies are notorious for not writing checks nearly as fast as most people think they do, especially for a case of negligence. And, when they do write checks, it is not the big $$ payday that people envision. The young man snuck the liquor on board. The cruiseline will probably dig their heels in and fight this one.

There was the case a year or so ago about the lady who accidentially took her junkie boyfriend's illegal drugs and died of an overdose. Her parents also tried to sue. I think that lawsuit died a quick but expensive death.
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