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I don’t get the question.

Ok lets put big brother to work here. Why stop at the bar. Why not track how much people eat and/or drink. Drink too much water, get a fine, Eat too much food, get a fine. Spend too much time in the sun, get a fine. Track how many cigarettes someone smokes, how much time they spend in the pool, casino, sleeping, dancing. Who gets to decide how much is too much?

Options? Why not just figure that 10% of the passengers will drink like this and increase the crew by that number. That’s a extra 30 crew members (and about 10 cabins) who’s only job is to follow these people who can not control themselves around at a cost to every other passenger. but what happens when the % does not cover the passengers who wants to drink?? I guess someone will just have to “control? themselves until its their turn. How about placing bars on all the balconies?, armed guards on all the open decks?. Raise all the rails to 6 foot? How about keeping the ships in port?, that would make a great trip!

Sounds like I am being ridiculous, its easy to forget, how many people gave their life so that we can enjoy the life we have, only to start giving up that hard earned freedom. We have terrorist, unhappy kids in school, and now because a few people drink too much.

I don’t get the question because in my mind it should not have been asked!!
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