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Originally Posted by "jordygirl
am new to this site, but I have been following your adventure since I stumbled upon it several days ago. We are taking the Western Med. cruise this July. This is a fairly ambitious leap for us as we are traveling withour 10 yr old boy/girl twins. I have a question, and you seem to be the resident expert, so I thought I would pose it to you. We want to see Rome and Florence on our own and we thought it would be an interesting adventure to take the train into both those cities, but I have read that it can be difficult to get from port to train station into the city and back. Our other option is to take the motor coach transfer offered by NCL. Setting cost aside what is your advice? Would it be a thrilling treat for the kids to ride the train....or more of a hassle and we should just take the transfer?? Thanks so much for any input you can offer. I am really enjoying reading your posts!!
I'm not Kuki but I am part of the Cruisemates staff. If you are not an experienced traveler and especially with two 10 yr. old children, I would opt for the transfers. This will make the logistics of your tour less of a problem. Also, if you go off on your own and arrive back late to the ship you will be on your own and the ship will not wait for you. If this occurs you will be responsible for getting yourself and the rest of your family to the next port or back home, not the cruise line.

The other option would be to arrange a private tour and guide to pick you up at the ship and return you to the ship with time to spare. Allowing a buffer of time and going with a reliable tour company and guide is critical for a safe and worry free private tour. This is what I do in most ports.

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