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This is a great service! We are leaving on the Jewel on May 31st with the same itineray and having fun reading your updates. Just found the site tonight and will pass it on to my roll-call too.
Can you tell me what the situation on visa's for those not on the ship's overnight tours in Egypt? NCL won't give us a straight answer but I was told they do arrange the visa stamps the day you are at sea and just charge $20 or so. Can you ask around and let me know. Also wanted to confrim the visa situation if someone is staying in Istanbul another day. Does the ship arrange the visa or does one get it at the dock?

As for the ship, glad that the specialty resturants are easy enought to reserve. We love to use them and agree its worth the few extra bucks especially considering the total cost of the vacation.

I was surprised that you said the minimum bet on the blackjack tables was $10. Every ship we have been on has had $5 tables, even if only 1 or 2. Did that change during the daytime or have they changed to $5 since the first couple of days?

I am sure I will have more questions as the days and ports go by... oh yes,,, I saw you found the synagogue in Corfu. You said Old Town.. is that where the ship leaves you off or do you have a more specific address? Did you notice if it was open everyday (except Shabbat, of course) and what times? I did send them an email and haven't heard back.

one more quesiton for the night... which ports are you tendering and which have docks?

Again... great service...can't wait for my criuse!!!

Bensalem, PA, USA
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