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I dont RCI displays a "warm & fuzzy" imagew as much McDonalds or a lot of other companies do. It is more "lets get out there" action oriented. But a corporatwe branding image and what kind of people they are when it comes to situations like this are two completely different issues anyway.

They point is, personal responsibility. If a person gets drunk and drives a car and kills someone, a single bartender may be liable (on land), but so is the driver odf the car. The people who sue are the final victims.

In this case, they admitted he snuck the booze on board, and he got too drunbk and he leaned too far over the railing.

We were talking at dinner - if the railings on any ship were so dangerous all kinds of people would fall over, including toddlers and just clumsy people. NO - everyone who "accidentially" falls off the ship is drunk.

That means they are obviously doing something STUPID at the time they fell, beyond the normal use of the railings. For what reason, I couldn't tell you.

From what I heard tonight, the railings are actually about 3 inches taller than regulation rails for hotel balconies. So you really have to be over the line.
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