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In every tourist venue there are stories of people (mostly young) who believe that common sense and rules of moderation are meant for everyone but them. This often times leads to tragic tragic ends.

I live in NYC and in the last year or so there has been not less than 4 stories of young people (women mostly) who chose to abandon common sense and rules of moderation and have ended up extremely dead. Always killed in an unspeakable manner. I truly feel for the grief of the family but the fault of winding up in that situation belongs to the deceased person -- not the cruiseline, not the hotel, not the bar, not the restaurant -- the person who did not survive their own bad decisions.

One young girl years ago was on a thrill ride (I think 6 Flags) and when the harness came down, purposely sat forward so that she was not strapped in. Guess what happened to her when the ride when upside down. Yup, gone!!!

The 16 year old girl who goes to NYC for an underaged night of partying and drinking. Ignored all kinds of warnings and admonishments, decided to stagger the dark dark streets of NYC at the pre-dawn hour. Got kidnapped and then got dead.

College student bar hopping in NYC. At 3:30a.m. her companion calls it a night. This young lady refused to go home and continued to bar hop alone. At the last bar made a scene about leaving at closing time. Bouncer offered her a ride in his van. Got horribly dead.

And who can forget Natalie Holloway? Who's fault was that? I would start with the young Ms. Holloway. I am sure her chaperones had strong rules against drinking. However, that rule among others, did not apply to the Ms. Holloway. Fish food.

Too often we do not hold people responsible for their actions, especially if they don't survive. But if not them whose fault is it?
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