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Originally Posted by kryos
Originally Posted by Kuki
Smoking is allowed in smoking sections of all the lounges onboard, and in the casino, as well as one side of outside decks, as well as the outdoor "patio" area on the stern outside of the Garden Cafe buffet.
Thanks for the info, Kuki. Sounds like I'll be trying NCL at some point in the next year. I'm kinda leaning toward the freestyle dining too ... after my experience last month on HAL, where dinners usually took two hours. That's way too long for my liking ... especially in a non-smoking dining room where the nearest smoking venue is the Ocean Bar ... clear to the other end of the ship.

Blue skies ...

Hi Rita,

I happen to be an "evil smoker" too However, I really don't mind the occassional two hour dinner if the food, service, and company is good.
The only non smoking "bar" on the ship, that I've noticed, is the coffee bar area in the lobby by guest relations. Some of the smoking sections are small, but you can find one relatively close to most of the dining areas.
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