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Remember the crew is there to do a job, and part of that job means being nice to the guests. Don't EVER look for a personal relationship with someone who works where you are on vacation and they happen to work there. Have a nice harmless flirtation and leave it at that! No harm done! Dont' give out your personal information either!

I had a similar flirtatoin in my younger days (I was 20) while up at a resort with my family in Wisconsin. This guy who worked there was the cutest! Tall, dark and sexy, instand chemistry between us. That is, up till the last couple of days we were there, when he tried to convince me to go up to his room in the attic. We held hands and kissed out on the veranda when he was off work and hung out at the beach, but I never let it go further than that. I never saw him with anyone else while I was there, but I'm sure he had another girl on his arm right after I left. I wasn't looking for anything. The kissing and hugging were really nice!!!!!
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