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Originally Posted by You
So what do you think about this? Is Royal Caribbean at fault? If so, what should they have done?

If you ask me, (and I have owned a bar and do know about bartender's responsibility, etc) they should have more security and when someone is "cut off" at one bar they should have a way to flag his card for other bars so he cannot get more drinks. HOWEVER: that should be the extent of it because...

1. There is no law against being drunk on a ship.

2. If a person chooses to get stinking drunk, that does not mean they become the cruise lines responsibility, because that would mean you have to confine the passenger somehow, and how are you going to do that? you can lock them up or post a guard on their cabin door, that is "kidnapping"

3. Even if his card had been flagged, other people could have bought drinks for him, or he could have walked around stealing other people's drinks (it happens, believe me), or he could have smuggled his own booze on board - whivh the family franjly admitted.

So - here is a family whose son smuggled booze onto a cruise ship he gets stinking drunks and bypasses the safety railings that always work as long as someone does not lean over them. And theyt sue the cruise line.

STINKING LAWYERS SEEKING OUT DEEP POCKETS - are making it more expensive and more restrictive for the rest of us to cruise.
Perhaps we all should band together and bring a class action against the lawyers who filed this suit on behalf of the family for its adverse impact on our cruise experience. Nothing like hitting somebody with a taste of their own medicine....

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