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Default Re: Safety in West Caribbean ports ?

Originally Posted by rob6465
My wife and I will be on the 7 day Carnival Cruise to Cozumel, jamaica and grand caymans.Hearing all the stories of kipnappings in mexico, does anyone feel unsafe in any of the ports ? Places to avoid ?
Rob -

Sounds like you are repeating my first cruise.

Cozumel was no problem - my wife and I enjoyed the Mayan Ruins at Tulum tour, then got some shopping in Cozumel before the ship left.

Grand Cayman is, IMO, the safest place in the Caribbean. So safe, I felt comfortable sending my wife off by herself while I went to play golf.

Ocho Rios, OTOH, can be a bit much if you are not prepared for it - remember, these people make their livings off the tourists, so be prepared to be approached.

All in all, my advise is twofold:

1. Attend the port lectures and listen to what the Cruise Director tells you about these ports. The last thing that Carnival wants is its passengers finding their way into bad situations.

2. Travel in groups - there is safety in numbers.

Good luck and enjoy

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