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Hi Jim

First the wine: I didn't notice anyone having trouble with this. I wish I had noticed that policy and I would have brought two bottles myself. One thing I did notice is that the ship has a de-corking (the exact term escapes me), but anyway I remember reading the polilcy and if you take a bottle in to the dining room expect to pay as much as the original price of the wine for the staff to open the wine. FYI: There are two wine tasting events during the week.

Excersions: All the ones we did were great. We did short ones and spent the big bucks on that Yukon gold and train ride thing. It's several hours long and the train ride back down the mountain is way cool. The bus driver actually drives up the mountain and into Canada where they check your passports. Then five mintues later you board the train and head back to Alaska. We saw a young black bear scratching his back in the snow on the way down the mountain. Then you end the morning with lunch in town at Olivia's Place. Very nice day.

Any other questions? If I don't hear back from you have a great trip and wonderful adventure trip.

Holly/Las Vegas


We did the Mendenhall Glacier trip. Nice and short, leaves you plenty of energy to shop, and the scenary is awesome. Do not forget your camera on that one.

We also did the Gold mine trip where you actually go underground. The mine you go in is a constant 36 degrees and it's wet. I nearly froze on that trip. But the guy who show's you around is a real local and the other folks at the gift shop and tour are very sweet.

Layering: Add a hat and gloves to your list and you will be fine. All of the cities, with the exception of Victoria receive up to 100 inches of rain/snow. So it always seems to be drizzling and that to an avg. of 40 degrees and you're cold. Plus you'll want to do a whole lot of standing at the railing to watch the scenary go by and you'll want to be warm then too.

Originally Posted by reefisher
Aunt Holly , I'm glad somebody from the first Alaska sailing has posted. We are going to be on the 5/19 sailing. That is in just FOUR days, YAAAHOOO! It will be our first Alaska trip and just our fourth cruise in less than two years, we're hooked. And also the kids are all graduated from college and working, whew.

If you say the buffet is a zoo I can believe it. We saw the same thing on Carnival. Some peeps ate there the whole time while playing poker and occupaying large tables for hours. We can pretty much adjust rapidly to any undersirable situation though. We bring on our own wine. The cruise contract specifies that we can bring wine on board. It does not give a limit, but online info states one bottle per person. Maybe its a new policy, but I'm stickin to the contract. Did you notive anybody having trouble with this? With regards to the weather, I've been monitoring it pretty close as far as temps and total precipitation, but couldn't get much on the visibility and mist. How was that? And is just layering (with a waterproof shell and fleece underneath) adequate? Would also like to hear about your excursions. We are so excited we can hardly sleep. Thanks

Jim/San Diego
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