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Originally Posted by michellet1959
thanks, I dont' mind paying what I know will be more $$ onboard, I'd really prefer to travel not having to wait for checked luggage and also would love to be able to just self-debark after the cruise ends.

Also, whatever shampoo, etc. I don't use I'll probably just leave in the room for the next person to use!
there is a very limited selection of products in the sundry store on board. you may be disappointed in the choices you have, if you have a choice at all.

As for leaving it behind, it will get tossed when the steward cleans the cabin.

For what it is worth, I collect the small trial/travel size of products thorughout the year and use those during my cruise. Two trial/travel size of body lotion or shampoo take up less space than a full-sized bottle of either. This way, if you use all of one bottle, you can just chug it.

Personal care stores like Bath & Body Works alway has great quality products in the small trial/travel size.

Or you can just purchase the one or two items you must have and pack it. I don't know if depending on the ship to carry the items you want is a good idea. Plus, their products are prohibitively expensive.
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