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I can't really think of anything I would change since I have had the time of my life on each and every one except one......... The one time I cruised without my wife. I took our son and a bunch of boys on a cruise on spring break there senior year. If I had to do it again I would have taken the wife also but she said it was a boys only cruise. She did a girls only cruise when our daughter was a senior 4 years earlier.
I love cruising!
Good thread by the way..........
8/2003 Carnival Conquest
1/2004 Carnival Glory
3/2005 Carnival Inspiration
9/2005 Carnival Conquest (9 day due to Rita)
4/2007 Carnival Glory
4/2008 Carnival Triumph
11/2008 Carnival Triumph
3/2009 Carnival Pride
11/2009 Carnival Liberty
3/2010 Carnival Liberty
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