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Originally Posted by Irish Shark
Originally Posted by dina
Irish Shark - I found this on the TSA.. Maybe my problem was the one quart bag.. I had them in a cosmetic bag. I'm going shopping today for my 3 oz bottles because I hate checking luggage.
Yes, the plastic bag will do it everytime!

I have read that if it is not the "right" bag, TSA will toss it.
I guess it depends on the staff at the airport - when my wife and I flew in January, we actually used gallon bags and they did not say anything.

That having been said, I would suggest you pack what you can in the carry on. As others mentioned, the ship provides body wash and shampoo, so there is not a real need for soap and shampoo. The baskets on board have a multitude of sample sized things and I have found that the room staff are usually willing to get you extra of a particular item if you ask.
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