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Default re: on line travel agents

Thanks for your reply. I think the thing I am worried about with the on line travel agents is how can I tell how reputable the agency is. Is there a place where I can look at reviews of the on line sites and see ratings of the different sites? The one I am looking at in particular is
At least with my local agency I can go in her office if I have a problem, Of course, being local is no guarantee that there won't be problems either, as we experienced problems with our local travel agency we used to book our first cruise 20 years ago - he never booked the cruise and we, being the novice travelers we were at the time - didn't realize this until we were on the pier at a sold out ship. Fortunately, everything all worked out, and we ended up on a wonderful Royal Carribian ship, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the staff of the sold out Carnival ship who took pity on us and made our vacation happen despite our incompetent and probably criminal travel agent.

Now it has been awhile since we have used any travel agent for anything since we have been mainly traveling to our timeshare for vacation.
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