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Originally Posted by dvrdude
I just disembarked the Noordam on 12/27/06. The casino is non-smoking all the time. It was still relatively busy during the times one would expect. I'm one of those nasty smokers, and I didn't mind one bit. If it's a non-smoking area then I respect that and don't smoke. I do however smoke with relish where it's designated to do so. Can't we all just get along????
Yes, I believe we can all get along - it appears that you are one smoker who is willing to respect the rights of nonsmokers, and I commend you for it.

I can still remember the day my wife called me with joy that we could take a cruise - as she is allergic to second hand smoke (asthma attacks), we had long dreamed of taking a cruise. By happenschance, she came across the end of a CNN story on the inaugural cruise of the Paradise and waited an hour and a half for the story to come back around to find out what line they were talking about, then excitedly called me.

We first sailed in July of 1999 and took a total of five cruises on the Paradise, including the last Caribbean cruise before it transited to LA and was made a smoking ship. We recently took our first cruise on a smoking allowed ship and, while we made it through six days, she did have problems with smoke in certain unavoidable areas.

My question to the multitudes - how much more would you be willing to pay for the cruise if the ship was smokefree? My recollection is that Carnival did not charge a premium for the Paradise - if they had (say $100 per passenger on a seven day cruise), I would have gladly paid the extra to get an environment that I wanted.
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