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we simply never take the excursions. Now I would in certain area's of the world, but not the carribean. First of all I know the islands very very well, and in many of them I have friends and family living there, on our next cruise, we will know people with homes in Barbados, antigua, and tortolla. In Nassau, we went with people we met in a van taxi, it was a women, she was wonderful, we spent about four and a half hours with her, at a cost of 25 per person, there were eight of us. we went all over the island, and she was quite entertaining. Then we went to Atlantis and this was a really nice time. Then we were dropped off in town and we did ALOT of walking, the old church, up and down, here and there, we tend to do that alot. It was a nice day and the weather was perfect.
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