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Default how much cash for a 4-day Bahamas cruise?

how much cash for a 4-day cruise?
When my son and go on Sensation July 29th, I plan to use credit cards for any port purchases and thought I'd only need to bring maybe 30 singles, 20 five's and 10 ten's for aiport, cruise and hotel luggage handling (2 carryons).

I won't be taking a taxi or bus anywhere. I don't drink alcohol and I won't be gambling, and I would also bring $100 as a last day extra tip for the room steward.

I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a couple of hundred dollar bills in my bra for emergencies, but I plan to bring a couple of credit cards and my atm card.

In Nassau I plan to walk around near the wharf (straw market, pirate's museum, etc.) - don't they all take credit cards? We will be eating all our meals on board.

what else besides tips could I possibly need cash for?
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