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Originally Posted by You
I heard that the lines frown upon wearing jeans or shorts made from denium while onboard? Is this true?
Denim is okay during the daytime aboard ship. Some cruise lines do not allow bluejeans in the main dining room even during the daytime, but there are plenty of other places where you can eat breakfast and lunch -- the buffet, the grill on deck, perhaps a pizzeria, etc.

Originally Posted by You
Also, is there a "formal" evening and
if so, is it black tie or sports jacket with a tie? I'm new at this. Help!
All cruise lines hold about two "formal" evenings per week, so you can count on two "formal" evenings -- usually the second evening and the next to last evening -- on a normal cruise of seven nights. The dress is "modified black tie" so either a "black tie" outfit (dinner jacket or tuxedo) or a dark business suit would be acceptable on all of the major lines. A couple of the "mainstream" lines have relaxed this further, admitting even a sport coat and tie, and Norwegian Cruise Line now advertises "formal optional" evenings rather than true "formal" evenings.

Here, let me add that the "formal" evenings during a cruise are the evenings when the dining room puts on the best menus (expect lobster on the last "formal" evening, for example) and the cast puts on the best shows. On those evenings, many cruise lines also hold very classy special events that are some of the most memorable moments of each cruise. Thus, it's worth dressing up to participate in the "formal" evenings even if your cruise line provides "casual" alternatives for dining and entertainment!

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