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I no longer do fanny packs. They just look so unflattering and so "middle-aged, middle america, touristy". Part of the white socks with sandals look.

I have several small pouches that can be worn across the body or over the shoulder. I have picked most of them up at $.99 stores. I have one that is actually large enough to hold my wallet. I don't bring that with me on cruises. On a cruise I bring two. One is actually a nylon camera bag I got from the $.99 store. It is large enough to hold a camera, your sail & sign, credit card, gum, lipstick, misc. It is what I tend to walk around the ship with.

I also have one just a bit larger that is also nylon from the $.99 store. It can hold all of the above plus a bit more, like hand sanitizers, lotion, tissues, etc.

For beach and water activities, I have a gigantic canvas mesh bag with a "Macys' logo on it. Macys sell (sold) these in their stores. They are actually similar to the shopping bags that many stores have now for your convenience. It is the best $7.99 I have ever spent. It holds everything and you just sling it over your shoulder. Since it is mesh and black, sand, water, dirt, etc. are not a problem. I use this for beach days to hold my sunblock, novel, towel, swim shoes.

I also do not take anything off the ship that I can't live without. I use my sail and sign as ID and take one credit card and just enough money to last that day.

I am from NYC and I just do not let people get close enough to me to be able to pick my purse. I am not willing to get in that close proximity to anybody. However, most of my purses come with zipper enclosures.
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