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Ah my favorite topic.

For me formal night is just that : formal.

To me that means I wear a tux to others it means a suit and tie . I cannot imagine it meaning any less than that. My wife wears a nice dress, not a gown so much but she has some gorgeous dresses.

I love hearing about people who not only refuse to dress up for formal night but then also make it a point to exclaim it is their vacation they will dress however they want . I find that odd , I mean they book a cruise they know it has a formal night yet they still get upset when they find that the attire for main dining rooms that evening is formal . That would be like going into McDonalds knowing it is a fast food , self serve reataurant , but sitting at a table and expecting a waiter to show up.

If you want to be waited on don't go to McDonalds, If you don't want to dress up on one (or two nights) of your vacation select a different dining option.

Interestingly enough, i really don't get worked up about this while on the cruise .....just when i read about people complaining about it . And I am NOT saying anyone is complaining about it here. This post just got me thinking about it.

Heck , I complained about the snorkeling on one cruise.....i mean I really wanted to go on the excursion , but they required me to actually get in the water !!! the nerve ! It was my vacation and was going to snorkel however i darn well pleased.

The cruise is your vacation, just as it is the vacation for the other 2,000 inhabitants of your floating city..... respect others and have fun.

Ladies , You won't need a prom gown. A nice dress will fit the bill. For the guys nice slacks and a shirt , formal nights throw on a tie. Or try a tux , chicks dig it
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