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Default Re: Not what I wanted to hear about the Golden Princess

Originally Posted by lasingh
Been on lots and lots of cruises, the 15% tip on beverages is the norm on EVERY ship...but they also have a little spot on the bill where you can ADD and additional tip if you REALLY like your waiter.
Hope this helps.

Now that I think of it maybe they did add that on Carnival also, nahh I think I had to write in the tip on RCCL and Carnival. Can anyone set me straight on this?

Also, anyone else got two cents on the Golden Princess? I will change my booking if its a crappy ship.

Rob - The Golden is NOT a "crappy ship!" We're on her two weeks from tomorrow for our cruise to Alaska. I've done extensive research on this ship. In fact, I think I can lead the guided tour even though I've never stepped foot on her!

Anyway, 90+% of the reports I've read are positive. Princess does a terrific job of maintaining all their "older" ships, including the Golden. They're always painting, replacing carpeting/bedding/linens, adding new shows in the theaters & lounges, revising the kid's programs and adult activities, etc.

Recent reports of those that have been on her to Alaska on other message boards have all been favorable. The food, the shows, the crew, the condition of the ship -- all very good to excellent.

I'll post a complete review when I return. In the meantime, check out other sources before making any decisions.

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