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Default Re: lock luggage?

Originally Posted by Purple_2005
Originally Posted by Fern
Originally Posted by dawson21
I have read some where that you are supposed to lock your luggage that the porters take to your cabin. Is this true? At the airports they have to be unlocked so they can be searched should they choose. Would hate to have my luggage destroyed or delayed because it was locked.
Yes, you should lock your luggage after your flight and before giving it to the porter at the dock. If there's anything "suspicious" in your luggage they'll call you down to open it.
This is not true at airports. They just cut the lock or break it which ever one is easier. At the airports they always tell you not to lock it for this reason.
Hi Purple 2005, please note that I said after your flight and before you give your luggage to the porters at the port. When the TSA locks were new they were often cut off, but I haven't heard of this happening lately. The cable ties work well, too. If they cut one off (a lock or a cable tie) you should have a note in your luggage saying they did so.
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