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Originally Posted by Mike L
Has anyone booked a cruise with If so, was it a good experience?
I've had no problems with them. I booked two Princess cruises with them in the past.

They are a discount travel agency, but they give good value for the money. You won't find bottles of liquor in the cabin when you book through them, nor will you find other "goodies," like Pinnacle Grill vouchers, etc. What you will find is probably the lowest rate possible on the cabin, with none of the extras that the full service travel agencies often throw in. You'll also get from them a bon voyage email and a welcome home one as well.

If you don't mind walking into your cabin and not finding the traditional "gifts" that other travel agents will often have waiting for you there, VacationstoGo is fine to deal with. They'll give you value for your dollar, just with none of the extras many of us look forward to getting. Frankly, if I get a good price on the cabin, they can keep the extras. While they are nice, I can certainly live without them.

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