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I have spoken to Gary Bald, head of security at the FBI, and he tells me RCI does now have a system in place to turn off a card on an entire ship for alcohol abuse.

In fact, I have noticed stories about this very case have changed from originally saying the man went to a second bar where he was able to "purchase" alcohol to he went to a bar where he was able to "obtain" alcohol. (I am guessing through a friend).

You know, the kid had snuck liquor on board, and continued to drink even though the cruise line had cut him off. He had a drinking problem. Do you think this is the kind of family that blames someone else for all of their problems? Or do you think they were contacted by a Miami lawyer who specializes is suing the cruise lines?

I was on Liberty for the inaugural, and for three days the beer was free. I saw a guy ask a bartender for two beers unopened, and the bartender gave him a long look first and definitely hesitated. The man asking was for all intents sober and older looking, so the bartender went ahead, but I believe he was probably on the lookout for someone trying to get liquor for someone who had been shut off.
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