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If a person drinks them self silly and goes over board. well, thats just a shame. Such a stupid way to leave this wonderful world.

However, cruise lines, like bars have to watch a little as well what they serve. We were on NCL spirit, and they staff was very poor with drinking and the college kids, and continued to sell drinks to people barely able to sit let alone stand stand. Many complaints were made to the bar manager over this as the passengers sure suffered that night through the kids being very disorderly. I have a big mouth and I even told one bar guy, are you actually going to serve this kid more beer, can't you see he is fall down drunk?". He just laughed and waved me off. No one waves me off like that.........the bar manager heard from me quickly. It is an issue of health and safety both of which young people often ignore as they often dont have the maturity or wisdom to know they are not invincable.

In the end, several were thrown off the ship and extra security brought on the ship............and the kids were at fault, but ALSO the staff for serving to those that were drunk. ( NCL allows beer and wine to 18 and over with "parental permission letter") Because the particular cruise had so many problems the first few days, the bar staff changed quite abit the latter half of the cruise. In the first two days, we were constantly bombarded with " do you want a drink".......after the hullabalu and passengers thrown off and extra security brought on , the selling of drinks became less intence. Be clear, alot of money is made selling drinks, but with making money comes being responsable to who we sell to. Taking the card of some one over 21, watching the 18-19 yr old give the older kid the cash and HANDING the drink to the younger kid.......was not OK and for those who will say it is was caught on video..........
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