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This whole situation is a horrible tragedy, but, at the end of the day, it is each of our own responsibility to monitor our own safety as much as we are able.

There are always those things that are out of our control. (9-11, Va Tech...)

But, for the rest, we need to do our part as individuals. Royal Caribbean is no more responsible for this tragedy than the maker of the alcohol he was drinking.

This poor man is responsible for this tragic choice. He drank to excess and paid a huge penalty for it.

I pray that this age of frivolous lawsuits will fade away as did the Edsel and 8 Track tape. It is so frustrating.

I remember when I was five, I was running in the rain to get inside a grocery store and I did a header into a railing. Did my folks sue the store? No, I was admonished for running in the rain. At home on winter break from college a decade and much change ago, I was again running ( a lifelong theme) and I fell onto my left knee in a hole my neighbor had dug in his sidewalk. My knee was damaged, I have insurance, I admonished him to fix his sidewalk...but, I would not think of suing.

Stuff happens. It is not always a happy thing...but, that is life.

Cheers and happy cruising to all!
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